The Wang Lab of Molecular Food Safety


Some of our recent research projects include:

  • Use of Syst-Omics approaches to study the evolving microbial communities that are important to food production and human health.
  • Research and development on eco-friendly strategies to reduce foodborne pathogen contamination.
  • Integration of molecular detection and strain subtyping methods for the establishment of farm-to-fork food safety systems.

We are grateful for the financial support from the following organizations (in alphabetical order) –


Investigation of quality, safety and risks of irrigation water for use in horticultural production in the Lower Mainland of BC

Development of validated seed disinfection strategies for the organic production of sprouted vegetables


[John R. Evans Leaders Fund] Molecular characterization of Salmonella enterica in food supply systems


A Syst-OMICS approach to ensuring food safety and reducing the economic burden of salmonellosis


[The Canada-Latin America and the Caribbean Research Exchange Grants program] Improving global food safety by molecular detection and big data analysis


[Discovery Grant] Response of Verocytotoxin-producing Escherichia coli to environmental stresses in food supply systems

[Engage Grant] Improving the survival, health, quality and food-safety of post-transported fish

[Engage & Mitacs Accelerate Grant] Characterizing microflora composition during the spontaneous fermentation of cassava flour


Roles and responsibilities in meat processing safety in Canada



[Vitamin Research Fund] Effects of Jejunal bacteria on the absorption of folic acid in Caco-2 cells

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